Virtual office Spectrum - Don't pay for the office space, except when you need it!

We would like to present Spectrum Virtual Office, which gives the term “virtual office” a completely new content.

“Spectrum Virtual Office”

In addition to standard services which you would expect virtual offices to provide, our Spectrum Virtual Office goes further to provide related and complementary services.

Standard services include:
  • Company registered office for your business undertaking
  • Registered office of a business unit of a foreign company in the Czech Republic
  • Prestigious business address for the registration in the Commercial Register (in accordance with the legal requirements applicable for the registration of a company registered office)
  • Place of business of a natural person according to s. 17 of the Trades Licensing Act
  • Contact address for your correspondence
  • Short-term lease of the registered office (from 1 hour) as a meeting room at any time and according to your current needs (business meetings, company meetings, presentations )
  • Designation of the company registered office with your company name and identification number
  • Collection and handling of all your correspondence delivered to the company address
  • A proper contact point of the company with your business partners, clients and public administration bodies

Additional services:
Spectrum Virtual Office offers ready made companies, established for the immediate sale to the customer. These companies have no business history so far, no liabilities and debts and the registered cupital is fully paid. Spectrum Virtual Office further offers to establish a turn-key company (limited liability company or joint stock company ) tailored to your specific needs incl. the entry in the Commercial Register within 10 working days!

Spectrum Virtual Office provides premium administration services using advanced information technology for the above business activities.

Spectrum Virtual Office provides legal advice in all areas of law, in particular commercial, civil, criminal and competition law, including legal representation at courts and other institutions.

Spectrum Virtual Office procures proper accounting and tax advisory services for you.

How do you benefit from the virtual office?
Spectrum Virtual Office provides all the above services in one building, situated in the centre of Brno with many specialized shops and companies. There is also a petrol station, tire service, car service, car wash, post office, UPS courier service, ATM, copy centre, dry cleaner’s, cafés, restaurants, pharmacy, food shop, notary, a GP, a dentist, a massage centre in the building and a CSOB bank nearby.

Spectrum Virtual Office can offer a wide range of business services suited to all members of the business community who want to do business professionally, without paying exorbitant fees.

We look forward to doing business with you!

On behalf of the Spectrum Virtual Office team
Mgr. Marek Předešlý

Helpdesk 800 566 566