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Sale of Ready Made Companies

Spectrum Virtual Office offers the sale of ready made companies or in other words companies already estabished for the immediate use by the end customer. These companies are already entered in the Commercial Register, they have the company registration number assigned and fully paid registered capital in the amount of 200,000 CZK or higher, have never been in business before or done any other business activity, so there are no liabilities or debts. Our ready made companies are established pursuant to the applicable legislation of the Czech Republic with all the legal requirements respected and met.

The greatest advantage of ready made companies is the flexibility and speed with which you can act on behalf of the company (once the necessary contracts are signed at the notary office, the new manager can act on behalf of the company even though the changes have not been entered in the Commercial Register; the changes in the Commercial Register are made only subsequently, within 5 working days and they only have a confirming effect ).

Virtual Office Spectrum offers you a ready made ​​sales of these companies: limited liability company, joint stock company and a European joint-stock company (SE).

TIP: Do you need to start business quickly, are you in a risk of losing an interesting business opportunity? Do you want to establish a company easily and quickly? Do you have a temporary shortage of money to pay the registered capital of the new company? Use the offer of Spectrum Virtual Office to purchase an existing ready made company. The establishment of a company has never been so easy!

The price for a limited liability company is 15,000 CZK incl. VAT (the price does not, however, include the costs of the company transfer).

TIP: If you purchase our ready-made company, you will get the possibility to have the registered office in our business premises at advantageous conditions.

Establishment of a Turn-key Company

Spectrum Virtual Office further offers to establish a turn-key company (limited liability company or joint stock company ) tailored to your specific needs incl. the entry in the Commercial Register within about 10 working days! We will carry out all the necessary formal steps incl. notarial deeds of the company incorporation ( making the Memorandum of Association), provide all the necessary trade licenses, check the possibility of an entry of the company name selected by you into the Commercial Register and provide financial means for the payment of the company registered capital amounting to 200,000 CZK or higher.

The price of the establishment of a turn-key limited liability company is 19,500 CZK incl. VAT.

TIP: If you have a turn-key company established with us, you will get the possibility to have the registered office in our business premises at advantageous conditions.

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