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Tax advisory services

Spectrum Virtual Office procures accounting services for individuals and/or legal entities in compliance with the applicable laws.

Spectrum Virtual Office provides inventory management, asset management and financial statements for the accounting period.

Spectrum Virtual Office can administer your wages (calculation of wages; pay slips; administration of earnings records, employee history sheets and personal records of employees; preparation of documentation for the payment of insurance and taxes; drawing up contracts of employment and contracts for work, registration/deregistration of employees with the Czech Social Security Administration and Health Insurance company for regular payments; confirmation of taxable income; calculation of the liability insurance of the employer; calculation of advances for income tax arising from employment and from contracts for work; annual statement of employees´ income tax).

Spectrum Virtual Office provides tax advisory services (income tax for individuals/legal entities, value added tax, road tax).

Do you have a question about the tax declaration? Do you need advice with your accounting? We are here to help you!

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